Bruce Lee
What is this BE_Velocity node doing? Is it possible to calculate the speed of the vertices of a mesh whose topology is constantly changing?

Such as realflow grid maya no speed information, we can use this BE_Velocity node to calculate the realflow vertex speed?

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this node just compute the difference of the position of points in different frames
view the scene
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Bruce Lee
Thank you very much for helping me!

I have a question. I want to know the id attribute BE_Velocity node is doing?

For example, the topology of a grid is constantly changing. Do we connect the id attribute of the BE_Velocity node so that it calculates the velocity of the point via the Id attribute?

Because the topology of the grid changes, the Velocity node of soup can not calculate the velocity of the point, and it will prompt that the order of the points of the mesh is inconsistent.

Can this BE_Velocity node calculate the speed of the point where the topology changes by using the id attribute?

Thank you!!
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