Hi there,

I'm trying to fix some issue with the nCloth in Maya, specifictly the behavior of the simulation around joints like elbows, knees etc...

I need to do something (or mimic) like that :

Do you think is it possible to detect the part of the body where there is a self collision/penetration and use this part to disable the collision on the cloth  ?

Sorry it's difficult to explain that in english for me :(

Thanks in advance for your ideas :O)


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I know very well what do you mean and i don't think you need special tools for that.
Here is how i address the issue:
    - first i try to "squeeze all the juice" from nucleus
    - the trapped check option can be very helpful
    - i constrain the verts that miss-behave and keyframe the constraint weights so it is active only in the problematic frames
    - sim multiple versions with different settings and then blend shape the useful parts, part of this cache compositing workflow is to use the actual base deforming geo (i always have rigged clothes and hair that are fully animatable and fallow the body deformations) to fix some of the extreme penetrations.
    - then i add a layer of (usually animated) deformers on top of the sim+cacheComp. Like clusters, geo smoothers, lattices, etc. to further tweak parts of the geometry.

Good looking cloth, hair and dynamic skin is never one step process. It is elaborate manual work where we much like image compositing mix, blend and layer simulations, solvers and deformers.
Hope that makes sense to you.

But i will add an item to my to-do list for node that tracks geometry self-penetrations.
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Following the tension map example scene, can't one use those nodes to do something similar here? Color code the tension maps, extract vertex colors to sequence texture maps and pipe them into the necessary parameter in nCloth... Just thinking loud here.


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Yep. It should work something like that.
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