Bruce Lee

The solver node is very good. But it's set up too simple. We can make it more perfect, more easy to set, more powerful.

1. Add the conditions for the end loop iteration and the conditions for starting the loop.
Such as frame == 100, stop this loop. Or frame> 200, start the cycle.
For example, set the number of iterations to a maximum of 5 times.

2. Increase the cycle time interval.
For example, every 3 cycles iterated once.

3. You can enter any array format.
Such as entering a scalar array, and so on, any array format. Not just geometry and vector arrays.
Array expressions and group nodes are not iterative, we can use the solver node on the array expression and group node data loop iteration calculation.

thank peter!

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1. Will do. Makes sense.
2. Will provide step.
3. Already in place. It can iterate on mesh, curves, surfaces, int/float/double/vectro arrays.
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