Bruce Lee

Recently, I was doing a magma effect.

I try bifrost. I give bifrsot a grid of a magma material that has a material for the replacement texture. This time, I encountered a problem. The grid of UV is always changing, the texture of the texture is constantly on the beating, it is wrong.

The bifrost emitter has a UV projection function, and we can let the particles bring UV information. But bifrost's own generated grid can not correctly pass the particle's UV to the grid.

I tried using VDB. Fortunately, VDB can extract the UV information of the particle, but unfortunately, it is not possible to pass UV to VDB.

in conclusion. Now the VDB conversion grid can not pass the particle's UV. VDB grid without UV, which is a very missing feature.

I hope that VDB can improve it. Bifrost converted grids can be UV.

At the same time, I also hope that Soup can have a node, it is called arrayToUV.

Now, souo has a uvsToPointsOnMesh node, this node no case can refer to, I do not know how to use it.

Can I use this node to pass the UV of the bifrost particles to the grid?

thank peter!

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