Hi Peter

Look at this:

I see many features from soup.

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Its inevitable developers produce similar tools especially deformers because they are the coolest thing about 3D.

Do you have to pay for this stuff? It doesnt say its free, I say good luck to them, they look like they know what they are doing.
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I know Dirk (the guy behind this toolset). We share very similar vision about a lot of things. It does not surprise me that his tools look like what we have in SOuP. I knew for a while that he is working on some cool stuff, apparently it is out now.
Hopefully they will be well accepted.

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I know Dirk and the talented Lightstorm guys as well, most of the tools they are about to release are cleaned up versions of tools they wrote for past productions... so the concepts and ideas behind them are not exactly new.

I guess it's safe to assume that there is no intellectual theft going on here : )

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