installers - Added installers for the 3 supported platforms - Linux, Windows and OSX.

blendShapesManager - Fixed an issue in the compiler related to higher order combinations.

temporalDeletion - Face deletion in Maya is permanent by nature, which means that the modification is persistent and affects the mesh structure across the entire timeline.
This tool allows you to delete faces at specific frames only in a temporal manner, which means that the mesh structure stays intact for the rest of frames.

outline - Added options to display texture borders and hard edges.

collide - Minor fixes.

arrayToPointAttribute - Add option to promote colors from vertices to faces.

smartConnect - Force reload underlying libraries every time before invoking the marking menus.
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Important. Just re-released this version, because the Windows installer had a hardcoded variable from early internal testing.
Please re-download the archive, if you need the Windows installer to work properly.
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