This new version is based on requests from major studios.

- redesigned and streamlined "inspect target" workflow and toolset
- debug mode - powerful new feature that allow us to see all activated targets directly in the Morph's GUI
- schematic view (nodal graph) - a radical new approach of working with complex blend shape data
- enable/disable contribution from individual targets while preserving the logic of the system
- double clicking on a target in the list will load it in the inspector dialog and select its points in the viewport
- improved undo handling when manipulating target weights in the morph GUI (CTRL+RLM)
- improved deletion of targets - proper handling of very specific cases for deep unordered target graphs
- extended marking menu in the targets list area
- select target points is now instant
- extract target(s) is now instant
- massive update of the GUI/API codebase - stability, handling of many special cases, bugs, etc, etc, etc.

Quick video tutorial here outlining some of the new capabilities. Will try to make a better one at some point soon, but for now this one will do:

Interactive GPU caching system

Those pesky script nodes don't get created anymore. They have been replaced with proper events handling system behind the scene.


Reduce the size of an array. Useful when dealing with big data.


Improved undo handling when manipulating target weights in the GUI (RMB).
Option "derivatives" is turned-off by default.
Fixed couple of small but important bugs.

Couple of important bug fixes that caused the system to deactivate after SceneSave event.
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Can you confirm that the is valid please?
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Just checked it and is fine.
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Hello, i downloaded the last version(SOuP 2018-05-26) , but is lacking of the shelf_soup.mel. Any help ? thanks
resolved=main menu bar
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This was answered many times already.
Run a search and you will find the answer.
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