Fixed "solver" example scenes with proper frame range settings.

surfaceFlow / pointCloudFlow
These two nodes estimate the local differential quantities of mesh surfaces and point clouds. Generated data can be used to control instances, hair, dynamic effects, etc.
example video - model the cap, instance hair primitives, they fallow the surface, done

[surfaceFlow_scales1] [surfaceFlow_scales2]
example video - scales that don't twist and flip during deformation

example video - monet's impressionism


Streamline and simplify the process of piping data back into the geometry - positions, normals, colors, etc, etc.

Similar to pointAttributeToArray but for edges. Easily access centers, normals, tangents, colors, etc.

Vastly improved performance. Removed support for nurbs surfaces. Much better handling of world space transformations. Added flags "accurate" and "useWeightMaps" that can turn-off unnecessary computation when not needed.

Procedural generation of skeletons from arbitrary geometry.

example video

Resolved multithreading issues related to the more recent versions of OSX.
This greatly improves stability for all multithreaded nodes.


Example scenes archive updated accordingly.

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Bruce Lee
Thanks Peter! Awesome!
I found that edgeAttributeToArray has a BUG, all parameters are selected when adjusting
Bias will crash maya, maya2018.

I also have a suggestion that when we press the 3 key after selecting the model, the result of edgeAttributeToArray will produce an error. If it can support pressing the 3 key, (because in many cases, the rendering is performed after pressing the 3 key), it will be even more. powerful.

Thank you peter!

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Will check and fix if something is off.

Didn't understand the 3 key suggestion.

Thanks Bruce.
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Fixed the bug and updated the archive under same release date.
Download again and give it a try.
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Are you deprecating the arrayToPointColor node for the arrayToPointAttribute?
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It will stay in the builds for compatibility, but will remove it from the UI.
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