mesh fitting
Powerful solver and flexible toolset built around it provide us with the ability to deform any given mesh to closely approximate (fit) the input geometry, regardless of their topology.


video tutorial

SOuP/OVDB drop-down menu added to global toolbar and hotbox.

This feature is available only in the linux/windows versions of the plugin.
OSX support will be provided in the next release.

Added support for "edit membership tool".

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As a complimentary data set to the mesh fitting toolkit i am providing very high-quality human anatomy that can be used as a starting point for muscle simulations, reference, or other stuff that i cannot think of right now.

Credit goes to Database Center for Life Science Research Organization of Information and Systems.

Arms and body were too close in the original pose which would cause all sorts of problems around the shoulders and armpits. So i spent the time to repose them. That was not easy. :)


all internal organs

and then layers and layers of muslces
[human_anatomy_03]  [human_anatomy_04]  [human_anatomy_05] 

Skin geometry was generated from the underlying level set.
Muscles and bones can be wrap deformed with the skin and then mesh-fitted altogether into another biped character.

Mesh topology is tight, clean and uniform.
In some of the images the outside muscles are hidden to reveal the ones underneath.
[human_anatomy_08]    [human_anatomy_07] [human_anatomy_09]  [human_anatomy_10]  [human_anatomy_11]  [human_anatomy_12] 

Included are and simulation friendly low-res triangulated and tetrahedralized representations of the muscle groups.
[human_anatomy_13]  [human_anatomy_14]
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i have a Maya 2018 -> soup problem. 

// Error: file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2018/scripts/others/pluginWin.mel line 290: Unable to dynamically load : C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2018/bin/plug-ins/SOuP.mll

Maya 2017 works without problems, but we need to use maya 2018.


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Very strange.
Anyone else experiencing the same problem ?
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Bruce Lee

Yes, I do the same,
The specified module could not be found

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ah, ok. i already reinstalled maya 2018 :) but still doenst work for me
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Fixed it.
Download and try again.
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look good!!!
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super fast question: is it usable in maya 2015?
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The human anatomy files - yes.
Mesh fitting - no.
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