smart connect
Highly efficient and comprehensive connection editor.
Connect anything, anywhere, anytime, with ease.
Supports both data and numerical attributes, multi-selections, filtering, etc.
Credit goes to David Ryberg Lessel for his initial prototype and following collaboration on this toolset. Thank you !
basic workflow

I was not completely satisfied with the remeshing capabilities in SOuP and this new node is the answer.
It provides 4 methods for reconstruction of arbitrary mesh geometry, oriented and unoriented point clouds.
Also, the "poisson mesh reconstruction" was moved here from the "tetrahedralize" (it never belonged there anyway).
The node provides "poission mesh reconstruction", "isotropic" (as uniform as possible triangulation), topology based remeshing (with ability to preserve or omit surface detail), meshing of unoriented point clouds.
example video outlining new features

The isotropic remeshing feature is not available on OSX.
The topology remeshing is not available on Maya 2016.

Easily (interactively and proceduraly) resolve mesh self intersections.
basic workflow

Added new feature to select vertices of self-intersecting faces.

The stand-in object is now shaded by default.

Added new feature that allows modulation of the output force on per-point basis, similar to how forceFieldName_magnitude is used in particle expressions. There is a new input array attribute that provides the mapping "weights".

Example pages and scenes archive updated accordingly.
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Hi Peter, any news on the fix for green mesh in procedural bevel?
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It is in there.
"The stand-in object is now shaded by default."
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Ow I just skimmed through the video and i think the smart connect is like the best thing ever!

Thanks Peter (and David)!

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I don't have the time for proper videos, so we are stuck with the sucky ones i produce once in a while.
But about this one in particular - i kid you not - it is so much better than what you see in the video.
There is *a lot* packed in its compact interface.
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Very nice Peter. Both the connection thing and the remesher look really cool.

I say "look" because I cant get the plugin to load. Getting an "undefined symbol" error. I'm on centos 6.5 in maya 2016 sp6. In previous soup versions I have been using the gcc451 build. But it looks like you have upgraded to gcc482.

Is that the problem, and am I just sitting on a config that is too old?

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Again and again peter thanks so much for this! that new smart connection looks sweet!
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Can you be more specific about the error message you are getting ?
I actually use CentOS6.5 for the 4.8.2 build.

Glad you like it.
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TNX Perter for reply :).
I've try but my stand-in object remain green.
For reproduce the issue please create a cube and run this script:

//da_bevel, by Davide Alidosi
global proc da_bevel(){
    string $mySource[] = `ls -sl -typ "transform"`;
    rename inBevelObj1;
    string $myInTransform[] = `ls -sl -typ "transform"`;
    string $myInShape[] = `listRelatives -s`;
    string $myGroupNode[] = `ls -sl`;
    select $myInTransform[0];
    rename outBevelObj1;
    string $myOutTransform[] = `ls -sl -typ "transform"`;
    string $myOutShape[] = `listRelatives -s`;
    createNode polyBevel3;
    string $myPolyBevelNode[] = `ls -sl`;
    connectAttr -f ($myGroupNode[0] + ".outComponents") ($myPolyBevelNode[0] + ".inputComponents");
    connectAttr -f ($myGroupNode[0] + ".outGeometry") ($myPolyBevelNode[0] + ".inputPolymesh");
    connectAttr -f ($myPolyBevelNode[0] + ".output") ($myOutShape[0] + ".inMesh");
    setAttr ($myGroupNode[0] + ".componentType") 1;
    setAttr ($myGroupNode[0] + ".operation") 3;
    setAttr ($myPolyBevelNode[0] + ".subdivideNgons") 1;
    setAttr ($myPolyBevelNode[0] + ".mergeVertices") 1;
    setAttr ($myPolyBevelNode[0] + ".segments") 2;
    setAttr ($myInShape[0] + ".intermediateObject") 1;
    select $myOutTransform[0];
    string $mySel[] = `listRelatives -s`;
    for ($each in $mySel){
        $indices = `getAttr -mi ($each + ".pnts")`;
        for ($i in $indices){
          setAttr($each + ".pnts[" + $i + "]", 0,0,0);
    select $mySource[0];

TNX for help and great job!

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Bruce Lee
very good!!
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Bruce Lee
I have a suggestion. Can this smart connect display an easy-to-read name? Is the name of the localization? Thank you! a.png 
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Hey Peter, regarding the "undefined symbol" error...
I'll copy and paste the whole things tomorrow at work.
To my eyes it was mostly long slightly scrambled names with lots of __ 

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Bruce Lee
Peter, can nodes and tools can also set up shortcuts? It was so cool!
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David l
Some good stuff in this one Peter, thanks ! :)

Noticed a small bug in smart-connect:
Icons are messed up when in multiconnect mode.
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I've a suggestion for Smart Connect hotkey.
Actually is impossible map a good key on the left side of keyboard, but I think to have found a good solution:mapping Smart Connect on "A" under the radial zone of All Marking Menu.
Peter did you think is possible do that?

TNX again.
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