Hi Besha!
I have made a simulation with Bifrost of an ocean, but in order to do it I have used a Maya scale of 1 unit equal to 1 meter. I have created the VDB file of the foam and everything is perfect at this scale.
When I decide to increase the scale of the scene so that it is 100 times bigger and 100 units of Maya are equal to 1 meter I have a problem. I am using Redshift, and I load the VDB as an RSVolume, this RSVolume I scale it 100 units so that it is real scale, at that moment the voxel of the foam becomes much thicker and it seems that the motionblur does not affect it in the same way .
I have tried increasing motion blur from RSVolume and have not gotten the same look as when I was at the initial scale.
I have also thought to rewrite the sequence of foam files in VDB format, but if I already had a voxelsize value of 0.1 and I want to decrease it 100 times, then when scaling it have the same original size, it makes me calculate the voxelsize to 0.001 and My computer explodes when doing the calculation.
What I can do?? Thanks a lot.
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I'll try to explain
you can simply scale the final object but up to a reasonable limit
because by simply scaling an object you increase the size of the voxel but the number of voxels remains unchanged which leads to artifacts(also are multiplied and the rest of the values (density, etc.))
orig size
scale by 100
you can try remap of the values (scale by 100 and remap)

it would be more correct to make a new VDB after scaling if your computer's capabilities allow
You use BE_VDBFromParticles?
if the density of your points is high I recommend using BE_VDBFill
I will try to write tutorial on how to use this node today or tomorrow

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Sorry for so long
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