at the moment I am stuck on the free version of Soup & OpenVDB on Maya 2017. I am wanting to mesh my Bifrost sim with openVDB but pipe back in the color sets for velocity and vorticity.
So far I have extracted both but now can't figure out how to add both back in. I noticed that each of my ArrayToPointColor nodes seems to automatically create its own color set called colorSet1 and I can not rename.
My question is how do I go about piping both back on to the mesh as two separate color sets with correct naming?
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This type of question comes often.
Search around for "multiple colors sets" or something like that and you will find the answers.

Basically what you want to do is create multiple colors sets using the standard tools.
Then switch to each one of them and tap with the color painting brush on the geometry.
If you look at the upstream graph of your geometry you will notice that you have 4 new nodes color - two pairs of createColorSet + polyColorPerVertex.
Delete the createColorSet nodes.
Now use arrayToPointAttribute or arrayToPointColor (this one will be deprecated in future versions in favor of arrayToPointAttribute) and connect them after each polyColorPerVertex.
The idea is that the polyColorPerVertex defines the colorSet we are going to inject data into using SOuP or other nodes.
From that point you will have your multiple color sets.

source -> polyColorPerVertex1 -> arrayToPointAttribute1 -> polyColorPerVertex2 -> arrayToPointAttribute2 -> etc -> etc -> meshShape
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Awesome! thanks, will give this a go.
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I have another question in relation to velocity colorsets. If I have 2 alembics with velocity colorsets, and I want to convert to VDB, combine with some sdf filtering and boolean operations converting back to a Mesh how would I copy over the two velocity colorsets and merge the two of them and pipe back onto the new mesh?
Currently I'm running into issues with the error "// Warning: arrayToPointColor1: inRgbaPP array length does not match the point count. //"
So I tried not combining the two shapes and just convert one shape to VDB with some sdf filtering and then on to a new mesh but I get the same warning. I have yet to try the multiple color sets thing also. Click image for larger version - Name: colorSet1.jpg, Views: 4, Size: 67.08 KB
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