Bruce Lee
Hi, peter

Does soup's tool add a new feature?

This function is between Maya's old particles and n particles.

Sometimes we do with the old particles, and write a lot of expressions. But finally want to convert it into N particles.
And sometimes we do well with N particles, but n particles are much slower than the old particles, and we want to convert the n particles into old particles.

maya does not provide the tools and commands to convert, soup's tool can provide this, the conversion of particles is the previous expression, the user's properties and so on.

thank peter!!
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I know what you mean very well.
Technically we can convert between the two, but cannot preserve their motion and behavior.
After all they rely on two different solvers that are completely different in nature.
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Bruce Lee
Yes, the best thing is to keep all the user's attributes and all the expressions. Of course, unsupported attributes and expressions can be deleted at the time of conversion. Such as the viscosity properties of n particles. Of course, if there are unsupported attributes, we will not convert them.

For example, we can convert the old particles of the Maya curve stream into n particles to facilitate the operation of nCache data.
When we use N particles to do a very large number of particles after the effect, found no need to use the nuclear dynamics, this time can be converted into old particles, can be calculated faster.

Old particles and N particles, they have their own advantages, but also have their own shortcomings, if the production is completed, found that the conversion effect and performance better, that is a very good function.
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// create nParticle and connect it to emitter
string $n = `emitter -pos 0 0 0 -type omni -r 100 -sro 0 -nuv 0 -cye none -cyi 1 -spd 1 -srn 0 -nsp 1 -tsp 0 -mxd 0 -mnd 0 -dx 1 -dy 0 -dz 0 -sp 0`;
string $a[] = `nParticle`;
connectDynamic -em $n $a[0];

// play simulation to see that the nParticles move around

// create classic particle
string $n2 = `createNode particle`;

// swap nParticles with classic particles, preserve connections, dynamic attributes, etc
nodeCast -cda 1  $n2 $n;

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