- Fixed small bug in the load targets code.
- Significantly increased performance due to optimizations in the multithreaded code.
On a production asset with 2500 targets the new code clocked 80% performance increase compared to the previous version. Asset with 4300 targets -> 100% (2 times) faster than before.
The more points and targets the bigger the performance difference.
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Hi Peter,

it just keeps getting better!

Would you mind describing the type of workflow you would be using when you have 4500 targets? I'm assuming that you are somehow baking out the results of other deformers or animations and using the Morph as a kind of caching system. Please elaborate (and correct me if I guessed wrong).

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Well, i cannot be too specific here.
But usually when we hear about thousands of targets it is probably facial animation.
When hundreds of targets it is probably hero digidouble/cartoony/featureAnim facial stuff, or body pose-based corrective deformations.
But that's more of generalization than rule :)
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Ok, the morph node is now a perfect tool. Thanks
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