vehicle animation system

It consists of 2 parts:

- vehicle control rig with built-in wheels-ground detection mechanism, chassi auto-orientation based

on the wheels elevation and "steering wheel";

- automatic calculation of wheels rotation as a post-animation step;


There are 8 prebuilt vehicle types available in the GUI and API, but any kind of vehicles can be built using the API classes.

Simple GUI is located under the "wrench" shelf button menu. Look for the "vehicle" item.


- per-target weight maps
- upgraded GUI
    -- new look
    -- new streamlined workflow that removes the necessity to work with the channelBox when managing the targets
    -- support for inbetween targets
- help tab in the GUI updated accordingly

Quotation from the Morph help, please read carefully if not familiar with explicit inbetween targets workflow:


There are 2 types of targets supported in the GUI - primaries and inbetweens (the deformer itself supports and third type of targets called combinations, or correctives).

Example of primary target names: jawOpen, funneler, pucker.

Example of inbetween targets for primary target jawOpen: jawOpen25, jawOpen50, jawOpen75.

Inbetween target weights are computed internally based on the wheight of their primary one. For example - when gradually dialing the weight of jawOpen from 0 to 1 the next thing will happen:

- when between 0 and 0.25 the jawOpen25 inbetween target will be activated starting from 0% all the way up to 100% of its weight.

- when between 0.25 to 0.5 jawOpen25 will be deactivated from 100% to 0% and jawOpen50 will be activated from 0% to 100%.

- when between 0.5 and 0.75 - jawOpen50 will go from 100% to 0% and jawOpen75 will be go from 0% to 100%.

- finally when between 0.75 and 1.0 jawOpen75 will go from 100% to 0% and jawOpen (the original primary target) will go from 0% to 100%.

Inbetween targets can be added only for existing primary ones.

Primaries and inbetweens can be added in one step regardless of the order they are selected in the scene.

If primary target is removed/renamed all of its inbetweens will be removed/renamed as well. Inbetween targets for existing primary one can be added, removed, renamed at any time. This explicit control combined with the ability to specify the "position" of every inbetween target (based on the number at the end of its name) is a great advantage over the standard blendShape deformer in Maya.

all *attribute tools under the "wrench" shelf button now support blendShape base weights.


pointsOnMeshInfo - small UV data related bug fixed
copier - small bug fixed that prevented UVs to get propagated to the output geometry
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Great, thanks a lot!
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Awesomeness yet again!
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big thanks...
are there more informations about the morph node.?
maybe a little intro video..?
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Thanks Peter. I'm really looking forward to playing with the improved morph.

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David l
Thanks Peter, much appreciated! :)
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@ oglu
Let me know what you are interested in and i will try to provide you feedback.
There were couple of conversations in the past about it and i explained many things there.
Try the Morph GUI and let me know if you have any questions.

On a similar note - somebody here gave me strong feedback about the Morph UI and i am going to make another update very soon - over the next few days. Workflow and everything stays the same - just changing a bit the "add targets" section to make it extra clear and further streamlining the targets "view".

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Thank's Peter. I need the vehicle animation system for my next project. Is the ground detection vertex based?
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thank you!

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i will provide feedback at soon as possible... we are crunshing here... it could take some days....
big thanks...
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No it is not vertex based - it is approximated disc/ground  collision - fast and simple.
There are ways to make per-vertex collisions using the real wheels geometry but that can get slow depends on the model. Noizefactory shown me such system built with SOuP nodes.
Give the one i just put in SOuP a try and let me know if you have any concerns/questions.

@ oglu
Take your time - same here.
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Pushed new (service) release. Notes here:
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i had now time to try the morph node again...

but im a bit confused now...
all i get is this error --> # Error: Exception: file <maya console> line 4110: Primary target does not exist for inbetween: pCube2 # 

i created a cube
a second one, moved some verticies

added the first one as base object
selected the scond and hit add targets

and than i get this error
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Look at the block of text in light blue few posts above.
Let me know if something is still unclear after reading that.
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@oglu: That is what I did the first time I tried it. Even after reading the help text. Any target whose name ends with a number is interpreted as an inbetween. But an inbetween first needs a primary target (same name without the number). I think this will always be a trap for new players who, like us, just make a cube, duplicate it, pull some verts and try to make a morph target.

The good thing is that once you realize how it works, adding inbetweens is nice and easy.

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