Bruce Lee
hi peter!

When my point on the object is very large, use the displayComponents this node is very slow, the computer will almost pause for a few minutes. It is time to upgrade the displayComponents.

Add the filterComponents node to the filter. There are several ways.

1. A display of the percentage of the property, the number of displayed from 1 to 100 .. Allows the user to enter any percentage.

2. A condition for determining the size of the value. For example, when the value is less than 10, or the value is equal to 10, or the value is greater than 10. Can be any combination, meet the conditions of the show.

3 users give a vector direction, calculate the direction and the user direction of the angle, and then determine the size.

There is also a more important function, you can display a showComponents node, showing numerous user data.
Now can only display a data, it is more perfect.

thank peter!
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You can use a group node to select specific points and pipe that into the display components. Control component selection using pattern, range or bounding object 
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