maybe somebody here will know a trick.
So I have a model with unique hairstyle and I want to make simulation. Is there is possibility to have simulation that:
- Preserve hair style on some level (curve shape).
- Have some range of freedom in movement (start pose is different than end pose).
I achieved similar effect using 3ds max ragdoll with angular limits. I know that maya has its own engine for joints/bones simulation - Bullet. But Bullet is very underdeveloped maya plugin and have many issues that exclude it from my pipeline.
I tried almost every setting in maya hair System but without satisfying result. I got simulation that looks like rubber or spring (bc of start curve attraction) or I totally change hairstyle through shot/preroll.  

Any advice will be helpful.
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You will need 3 sets of hair curves for maximum flexibility.
Static one - rigidly bound to the scalp
Dynamic one - this is what you have now
Blend one - the curves from this one are blend between the static and dynamic one.

From that point you can make your dynamic set of curves to do what the hair solver does. Cache the result.
Then you can start blending between the static ones and the simulated result you got.
The static ones can be deformed around in a "stable" fashion - something that is hard to do on the always moving around dynamic curves.
The blend curves can be further deformed and manipulated to achieve the exact result you are looking for.

There is a specially built nodes in soup that can give you procedural control over the blending of multiple curves at once. Check the "blendCurves" example file. It is very useful in many cases.

Some people write their own curve blend nodes where blending between static and dynamic curves can be done along their lengths instead of for all CVs at once - that's very useful too. But i think the approach i have in "blendCurves" solves that problem too.
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thx pshipkov,
I will try that method. Sounds very promising and could improve look of my animation. Will post result after weekend. So far I have rig based on simple curves that is moving inside passive colliders. Sometimes it is not stable with specific type of movement and hairs pass through colliders :(. But in most cases it works by one click :).

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Eze Prince
This is fantastic. Am gona try this here
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