This new version improves on the bakeFkToIk and switchSpace tools in regards to keyframe baking:
1. By default the entire timeline will be considered and baked (this was the old and only behavior).
2. If timeControl is active (the red bar on the timeline that we can create by holding SHIFT and swiping with the cursor across), it will be used to limit the baked frame range.
3. Added start/end frame parameters to the functions signatures that will override #1 and #2.
4. Added "replace" parameter to the functions signatures that define wether to preserve the rest of the keyframes outside the baked frame range, or to discard them.
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Made one more tweak after the 2018-03-10 release, related to the baking processes.
Now only T/R attributes get baked and the "space" attribute is not keyframed per frame, but only at the frame of the switch.
Re-download the archive if you want to get that fix.
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Bruce Lee
Thank you peter!
It's great! Although I do not do binding work, I recommend it to my colleagues.
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Thank you for that. Appreciate it.
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