Recently i experimented and profiled different aspects of Maya's Parallel Evaluation mode in respect to DAG hierarchies and nodal networks consisting of simple utility nodes.
Unrelated to that, the realtime teams at work (dealing with AR, VR, Games and Game Engines) requested character rigs that work equally well for the needs of both VFX and Game Engines.
Somehow i ended up designing and developing a new rigging system, in my spare time, that i call FRW (the fastest rig in the west). 😉

But there are so many rigging systems for Maya already.
Why bother with developing another one in the first place ?
What makes it any different ?

Short answer:
1. Vfx/Games production ready, yet clean and simple.
2. Very fast. For comparison - full featured FRW rig is on par or faster than HumanIK in its most basic form. Considering that HumanIK is one way or another the benchmark for performance in Maya.
3. Simple and (because of that) scalable codebase. Basic MEL commands only - create/parent/rename nodes and create/set/connect attributes. No OOP, interdependencies, C++ API calls, external libraries, plug-ins.

Long answer:

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