Is there way to apply a filtering on moving mesh points, based on some kind of average or on previous/next frame value?
Basically it will allow me to fix jittering/popping vertex afterword on baked simulations.
Imagine a cloth simulation and a "resolveSelfIntersections" node on top, you will have some popping (which is expected).

So is it possible to actually slow down a mesh point velocity? 
Or we need a dedicated solver for that?

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I think you need a low-pass filter.

You can do that using the tensionMap node. Set the mode to "curvature".
After that is matter of modulating/clipping the data it produces and drive a smooth or other deformer with it.
You can use the remapArray node for that, or if you need to code around these values use arrayExpression or point nodes.

Now, this will do it on per-frame basis. Often that's enough, but sometimes it is not.
But let's try the simple thing first before going to the next stage.
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so what you are suggesting here is without the "resolveselfintersection" node?

Basically detection of the problematic areas with the tension node and apply a localized smoothness.


My first approach was to use the "computeVelocity" node and the "point" node with a condition like if the velocity value is more than something, set the TX,TY,TZ value to a lower value. But that's more of clamp thing.

Is this even a good approach?
But yeah the "remapArray" seems to be what i was looking for, i'll do some tests. 

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I think you can keep the resolveSelfIntersections node. But add the tensionMap after it (or maybe before it) to detect the high-frequency deformations - the buzzing points. Then smooth these out based on what the tensionMapper outputs - for example pipe it as weights to a smooth node or something.
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i'm still having this bug that always keeps crashing maya, everytime i'm trying to use the "arrayToMulti" with any deformer 90% of the time i'm getting a crash.
I reported this bug few month back (link below with another bug on deformers maybe related).

Could you please have a look on that test file, try to connect the "Out weight list" to the deformer and it will crash.
And if by luck it gets connected try to change some parameters on the smooth deformer and it will crash.

Maya 2018.3  

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Never saw your bug report.
Just replied in that thread.
Take a look for explanation and workaround.
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