I've been attempting to drive deformer weights with a bounding object and a multiAttributeTransfer.
So far, the results have been great with any built-in maya deformers, but I was really hoping to drive a custom deformer, this ocean deformer ported from houdini, which has been crashing with the same setup.

I understand that's not necessarily supported, and that the issue might be with the deformer itself, but was wondering if there is any workarounds I could attempt, for example if it might help to do a getattr in a point node on the weight list, like in the blendshape example scene.

My session will usually crash when I attempt to connect the weightlist from the transfer node to the custom deformer and refresh the scene in any way, which makes it hard to troubleshoot.

This is my setup and results 
(As you can see I've also been having a case of disappearing SOuP icons recently, but that's minor)

With a regular wave deformer:
mat1.png  With the custom ocean deformer:mat2.png
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If you can provide a crashlog that will help me narrow down the problem. Right now i am not even sure it is in the soup nodes.

In general for single influence deformers you dont need multiAttributeTransfer, but go with kdTree or attributeTransfer and convert their output data to multi arrays using the arrayToMulti node.

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