Hey guys,

Anyone had much experience with asset containers? I have built a couple of assets with published attributes so whats the best way to share these things? would you create a shelf with mel code behind it that builds the asset on demand, or is there a better way?
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I personally avoid them. They are too broken and/or limited. Some nice things too, but the bad greatly out-weights the good, at least what i needed them for.
Other than that - i conform to the standard workflow.
The whole point of asset containers is not to have scripts that assemble them.
The idea is to have the assets readily made.
One of the main problems is that asset containers are not asset definitions, just a visual sugar that hides nodal graphs and manages attributes on UI level.
Which means that are generic entities living inside Maya scenes.
So at the end of the day, nothing really gets improved on the workflow side, just another wrinkle of stuff that we need to take worry about.

At least that's how i see it.
Sorry, if my feedback is not very constructive.
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mmm, they seem to work okay on smaller network stuff okay.
For example building a small SOuP network and contain it in an asset. Publish the inGeo and outGeo stuff with a couple of attributes exposed to control the nodes works well. Connect a couple of containers together to build more effects hiding some of SOuPs complexity and automating things a little more. Im not sure how far it can be taken this way but I like it so far.

Just the containers themselves dont seem very portable from person to person, kinda want them to be created as you would nodes. Looks like you have to pass them around in a scene or import them from a scene.
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See example
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I've tried to use them before, but like you I never found a great solution for passing to other artists.  I've gotten into the habit of writing the node network (or parts of it) as a mel script when I need to share it.  I was just thinking today that if container assets dont really work, it would be awesome to find a way to autogenerate mel scripts to replicate selected nodes in the graph.
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