Hi Soup/Ovdb team,

We need an automatic installer. For Obdv but for Soup too.

Yesterday I spent all afternoon trying to run VDB on a machine ..hilarious.

In my company, 3d supervisors do not have large accesses as admins to the machine and I can not be calling the tech guy to install a plugin hundreds of times to see why not.

C + redistributable? System variables?.mod in the user root... .mod in the autodesk install...I do not know if the machine has C+redistributable or we can not be aware of this. Put everything in an installer and decide, do not you think? Or make an pdf with a clear installation please.

If the tech guy sees that it gives so many problems to install a plugin ... it will not give great arguments in favor to install it in the renderfarm, however beneficial it is.

if the machines are not up to date is another fight ... that no longer depends on me.


3D Supervisor
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I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing installation problems.
Can you list explicitly the issues you had to resolve, so we can update the included readme.txt files.

Maya modules are optional, but not hard requirements. As long as icons, scripts, plugins are placed inside the paths that Maya (and/or renderer of choice) scan - you should be good.
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