Need help for exporting alembic Data with shader info using Python & JSON.

*How to store ...Which shader is assigned to particular mesh?
*How to store ... Which shaders (i.e multiple) is assigned to mesh face ??
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Easy like 1-2-3 :)

First of all you should define to store the data shader or geometry centric way. I mean that you can store geo -> shaders or shader -> geos.

I pretend the goal is to reconnect shaders to an alembic cache. I developed shader-geometry connection method which was shader centric. The data model looks like this:

  "Geometries": [
  "Shaders": {
    "displacementShader": null,
    "surfaceShader": "ShaderName",
    "volumeShader": null
  "ShapeAttrs": {
    "attrName1" : "value1",
    "attrName2" : "value2"

So the shader is saved as .ma file and the .json file is store the shader name and the connected geometries. I found useful to store displacement, surface and volume shaders separately. Also useful to store shape node attributes and their value because render engines like Arnold has a lot of settings on the shape node.
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