Has anyone played around and had any success with .abc to .usdz?
I seem to be getting consistent results of inconsistency that may or may not be a logical reason for why they happen.

First is the alembic cache. I looks like things that deform mesh points or adds more points to the mesh work fine if the cache is imported back into Maya but doesnt work when converting to usdz. Simple animations that involve the transform only like rotations will convert to usdz however.

Likewise for mash repro node, imports .abc fine back into MAya but not to usdz. If I convert repro to instancer then bake instancer however then export out as .abc then this will convert to .usdz but pretty impractical in my opinion.

Can anyone have a stab as to why this could be and what Im am running up against so that I can perhaps find other workarounds?
My main objective is to export out SOuP solver node animations and mash repro meshes to .usdz used for augmented reality but it seems .usdz convertors dont read mesh animations only instanced nodes Im guessing.

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