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PFX - growing leaf animation

I don´t know if is the best idea, probably not, but I was trying to extract the point position of the leaf, and I someway how, set the frame one of my animation to start only when these points get visible...But I was not able (I lacked knowledge)... :(

I attached two files, one of my scene the other my animation(abc)
Thanks again.

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PFX - growing leaf animation
Hi there 
Is it possible with SOUP to offset the animations of the instances according to the growth of the tree? For example I would like to animate the growing leaf as it appears and not it appears out of nowhere. I aloready have an alembic geo growing and instantiated. At the beginning of the growth of the tree´s branches animation the leaves work perfectly, but as the branches grows, the leaves appear already in the stage of the animation in which they are already grown, generating a pop of the leaf.
Any ideas?

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I switched and it works!!!! Thanks a lot. I´ll check my email.
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Hi there, I´m new with SOUP, and I´m studing the scenes that is available from site, but I and up with a problem. I have a scene that my pFX has a flow animation, when I make all the connections pftToArray>arrayToDyn>Instancer.... everything is there, my leaf is there in perfect position, but when I hit play my instance geo doesn´t follow the tree growing animation. Does anybody have any idea about what is going on?

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