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OpenVDB - Nodes not connecting.
Here's the thing:
  • I'm using Maya 2017.
  • The BE nodes can connect with Maya's default nodes. They just refuse to connect with their own nodes.
I'm trying out RealFlow, but I just want to debug this problem in case I have to use a workstation that can only use Maya and VDB.

I'm thinking it's the installation because I've setup this plugin for Maya 2016 and it's worked just fine (despite some of the output files corrupting which I'll try to fix if I can get it to work here.)
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OpenVDB - Nodes not connecting.
I've tried middle-mouse drag, using the connection editor, and dragging one node onto the other, and none of the VDB nodes want to connect. And I've checked, all the inputs are available to connect. Will try reinstalling the plugin, but I can make no promises.
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