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OpenVDB build for Maya 2017?
hi , dont know if its my fault but seeings that 2017 version maybe had issues about render black even no alpha , its all day i try render a thing and nothing works , the rest works good visualization and everything but render in arnold 1.4.1 nothing... dont know if stop trying because some bug or i need something else 
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open vdb 2016-06-21
ok seems yes , version problem , i just updated arnold and now its rendering , 
btw just saw nuke plugin called Eddy to work with vdb inside nuke so cool 
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open vdb 2016-06-21
aaah yes now shows the error 
was compiled against non compatible arnold ...... now i have
means i need upgrade arnold?
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open vdb 2016-06-21
thx for fast reply , this days just discovered this VDB world and quite amazing , 
about the file i would suggest if someone can send me a working render file in 2017 , 
because i try the most simple just create the node plug a explosion.vdb and yes density layer , and render nothing , i tried also like video about make the vdb from polygon and nothing

so unless while installation im missing some file , about the maya file is super simple
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open vdb 2016-06-21
hi! ok im in maya 2017 , everything work perfect till now , i can render with arnold if use arnold volume , but if try use VDBArnoldRender , i see in the viewport the volume all correct but render nothing , no alpha no nothing , im searching in this forum but could not find the solution

by the way im trying the most basic vdb from polygons as i see in the video reference , its maya 2017 lack of some file? since i see in 2016 theres some volume.dll that 2017 dont have
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