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Extract bullet collision data
Hey Jeremy, thanks for the answer.

Just saw the example you attached and that's precisely what I needed.
I've been working with Maya for a long time, but as a modeler and lookdev artist. Now I'm getting into FX, learning it on Maya and Houdini at the same time. The node editor in Maya just seems really confusing to me and as you mentioned, a lot of incomplete features in the software.

I'll try to reproduce the nodes you did on the example in my scene to see if I can understand the logic behind it. Thanks for the help.
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Extract bullet collision data
Hi guys,

I was wondering if its possible to extract some kind of data from bullet collisions to emit debris or smoke in Houdini for example.

I ran into and attribute on the bulletRigidBodyShape node called Out Collider Data, but I don't know if thats the way or how to use it. Maya's doc on this is very poor. I think this can be achieved with soup in some way, but I'm also new on it.

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