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MTransformationMatrix and Joint Orientation Python
The MFnTransformationMatrices are the equivalent though. Is there just not an way to change joint orientation in the MFnTransformationMatrix unless it comes from the function set?
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MTransformationMatrix and Joint Orientation Python


I'm trying to reconstruct a MTransformationMatrix from maya's MFnIkJoint in maya 2015. According to the docs the construction works as such: 

The transformation matrix for a joint node is below.

  • matrix = [S] * [RO] * [R] * [JO] * [IS] * [T]

(where '*' denotes matrix multiplication).

These matrices are defined as follows:

  • [S] : scale
  • [RO] : rotateOrient (attribute name is rotateAxis)
  • [R] : rotate
  • [JO] : jointOrient
  • [IS] : parentScaleInverse
  • [T] : translate

So I've followed that and written the code below. The problem is that the constructed matrix I created does not seem to respect joint orientation.

If I get the MTransformationMatrix directly from the MFnIkJoint function it somehow seems to store the joint orientation. Does anyone know where the MTransformationMatrix is storing joint orientation? It seems to be a mystery to me as it isn't in MTransformationMatrix::rotationOrientation or MTransformationMatrix::rotation.

import time
from maya import cmds
from maya import OpenMaya, OpenMayaAnim

# Make a joint
jnt = cmds.joint(orientation=[0, 45, 0])
jnt2 = cmds.joint(p=[2, 0, -2])

# get a dagPath
mSel = OpenMaya.MSelectionList()
dagPath = OpenMaya.MDagPath()
mSel.getDagPath(0, dagPath)

# Put it in MFnIkJoint function set
startJointFn = OpenMayaAnim.MFnIkJoint(dagPath)
initMatrix = startJointFn.transformation()

# Make a scale pointer
util = OpenMaya.MScriptUtil()
util.createFromList([1.0, 1.0, 1.0], 3)
scalePtr = util.asDoublePtr()

# Get scale
S_MTMatrix = OpenMaya.MTransformationMatrix()
S_MTMatrix.setScale(scalePtr, OpenMaya.MSpace.kTransform)
S = S_MTMatrix.asMatrix()

# Get rotate orientation
RO_Quat = OpenMaya.MQuaternion()
RO_MTMatrix = OpenMaya.MTransformationMatrix()
RO_MTMatrix.rotateBy(RO_Quat, OpenMaya.MSpace.kTransform)
RO = RO_MTMatrix.asMatrix()

# Get Rotation
R_Quat = OpenMaya.MQuaternion()
R_MTMatrix = OpenMaya.MTransformationMatrix()
R_MTMatrix.rotateBy(R_Quat, OpenMaya.MSpace.kTransform)
R = R_MTMatrix.asMatrix()

# Get joint orientation
JO_Quat = OpenMaya.MQuaternion()
JO_MTMatrix = OpenMaya.MTransformationMatrix()
JO_MTMatrix.rotateBy(JO_Quat, OpenMaya.MSpace.kTransform)
JO = JO_MTMatrix.asMatrix()

# Get inverse scale of parent.
parentMObj = startJointFn.parent(0)
if not parentMObj.apiTypeStr() == "kWorld":
parentFn = OpenMaya.MFnTransform(parentMObj)

IS_MTMatrix = OpenMaya.MTransformationMatrix()
IS_MTMatrix.setScale(scalePtr, OpenMaya.MSpace.kTransform)
IS = IS_MTMatrix.asMatrixInverse()

# Get Translation
T_Vector = startJointFn.getTranslation(OpenMaya.MSpace.kTransform)
T_MTMatrix = OpenMaya.MTransformationMatrix()
T_MTMatrix.setTranslation(T_Vector, OpenMaya.MSpace.kTransform)
T = T_MTMatrix.asMatrix()

# Multiply like the docs say.
matrix = S * RO * R * JO * IS * T

# Put it into MTransformationMatrix
TMatrix = OpenMaya.MTransformationMatrix(matrix)

# If the two MTransformationMatrices are equal.
if TMatrix.isEquivalent(initMatrix):

# Set joint to calculated matrix

# Wait 1 second and set it back to the inital transformation matrix from the joint function
# This is just to see the difference between the two transformation matrices.

Appreciate any help!

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