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Shatter node - Maya 2016 crash OSX
Thank you for the answer. I did use the poly separate and it worked, I just thought that the shatter will do that automatically. I'll try to reinstall everything and see if that solve the crash/freeze issue, otherwise I'll keep doing the connections manually in the node editor as it seems to work this way.

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Shatter node - Maya 2016 crash OSX

Every time I try to create a shatter node (on any object) with the scatter node selected, maya crashes or freeze.

I managed to make it work by creating the shatter node without any selection and connecting position PP and geometry manually with the node editor, but the bakedResult geometry came in a single mesh and without material on it.

I can separate them manually and assign a new shader, but It doesn't seems to be the proper workflow.
I'm new to the Soup plugin, so am I missing something here?

(I've tested some others nodes and they seems to work properly eg: scatter, cocoon, bounding object, etc...)

Anyway, thanks for this plugin, it seems really powerfull! I'd just like to make this feature works and it will be perfect.

I'm using maya 2016 SP6 with OSX 10.11.6
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