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How to use BE_VDBFromMayaFluid
Make sure in the vdbfromMayaFluid you type exactly the name of the fluid you are trying to export (attribute editor). By default it would miss a 1 at the end.
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Specified module could not be found
Hi pshipkov,

SouP is loading fine, but I am getting this error when trying to load BE_OpenVDB.mll on maya 2016 ext2 sp2 (2016.53). I made sure I copied the right file from the tar.gz to the maya/bin/plugins folder.

any clue? could it be because I don't have arnold loaded even if I am not going to use it?
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How to use BE_VDBFromMayaFluid


right now this is overwriting the same file every frame, even though the time node is connected to it. When I set the file name to something like "test_####.vdb" it doesn´t even write the file. Is there any workaround for this?

edit: if I press "next frame" it will evaluate it and save it correctly, the problem is just when I press play for the whole duration.

edit2: I am retarded, as AlexRideout´s code will solve this. Thanks!!!!

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