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OVDB Failing to Install for Maya 2017?
OH that worked, thank you!
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OVDB Failing to Install for Maya 2017?
Hello, I'm trying to install the OVDB demo tools and even after reading & following all of the ReadMe, I am still unable to load the plugin in Maya 2017. 

For reference, I'm trying to get the nodes that allow me to render Maya fluids with RedShift to test a pipeline I'd like to recommend to a client. Thank you in advance for any help!
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Particle Color to Fluid Color
Hello @pshipkov , 

Thank you for the information, however following these steps and successfully connecting the nodes did not result in an expected simulation. The fluid still appears to be a grey cloud as it was when first connected. Do you have any advice to help me find the right steps? I've attached my test file if you'd like to take a quick look, maybe the newer Maya's require a different approach? I very much appreciate your time, thank you. 
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