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skinchop tool in a script
pshipkov wrote: python command:


I think I need to specify an import in my script as I get this error:
# Error: line 1: NameError: file ....../lib/maya/rig/skinchop.py line 9: global name 'skinChop_SOuP' is not defined # 

I tried to load the plugin in the script but it doesn't help as I excpected.

mc.loadPlugin('SOuP', qt=True)

Any idea about that ?

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skinchop tool in a script
Thanks a lot!
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skinchop tool in a script

Does anyone knows the command to run the skin chop in python or mel ?
The softMod is launch with mm.eval("softmod_SOuP()")
I then tried mm.eval("skinchop_SOuP()") and some different syntaxt but nothing.

Is there way to watch the library of the tools ?

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