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Need help with cout and Maya Output Window
I ran into a problem - at some moment cout just started do nothing in output window.
It always worked as it has to be, but at some moment it stopped working for some reason.
I continue to use same compiler, REQUIRE_IOSTREAM set, MIostream included, code with cout calls always compiled without errors, I even reinstalled maya with new version - but my cout'ed messages aren't printed to output window anyway.
Any ideas what could it be?
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Accessing the progress bar on a Help Line

I want to use progress bar on Help Line panel - that tiny guy in low left corner of maya's window instead of Progress Window( MProgressWindow ).
Is it possible to use it somehow through API? Or it is reserved for tasks like rendering, saving, exporting and so on?
Found nothing in docs.

Thanks in advance.
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MFnAttributes and Maya's new Node Editor
Thank you very much, Peter
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MFnAttributes and Maya's new Node Editor
Thank you, looks like I need to update to 2015.

As for second question I'll try to explain better:
By default any attribute on a node has both input and output connections ( this tiny circles ).
When i make attribute "Readable only" (writable - false) it only shows output connection as expected - look at picture  - Pos attribute has its connection circle on the right side only.
When i make attribute "Writable only" (readable - false) I expect to see the same but on the left side. For example on picture I want to rid off connections circles on right side of the node for "InInt" an "InMesh" attributes.
On a picture I show standart maya shapenode where "in Mesh" attribute works the way I need.
So I'm interested maybe there is some unofficial trick or something.

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MFnAttributes and Maya's new Node Editor
Hello, I'm trying to make my c++ written nodes look accurately in Maya's new (since 2012) Node Editor.
My plugin presumes that it's nodes will be often connected/reconnected so I want to expose only necessary connections of each node to an artist.
Maya's Node Editor has three display states for node - "hide attributes", "show only connected" and "show primary attributes". For purposes of my plugin I want to control what to show on my nodes in "show primary attributes".

1. Is it there any explicit way to add attribute to "primary attributes"? For example if I have typed attribute for input mesh. It's connection always become hidden on Node until I push RMB on node and select "Show All Attributes".
Only way to make it visible in "show primary attributes" mode i found is to tAttr.setKeyable(true). But it isn't looks like correct way to do this ((.

2. How to hide output connection on attribute?
When I "tAttr.setWritable(false)" all works as expected (connection on left side of node dissapeared), but with "tAttr.setReadable(false)" connection on right side of node still exist:
As this example shows standart Maya's nodes manage to do it somehow.

3. Is it possible to control order of attribute appearance?
For example attributes on my node on picture above appeared in completely different order than they were added in initialize section of my plugin.

thanks in advance.
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