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How exactly to install SoUP on OSX ?

Thanks a lot for the fast reply. Fist of all I have to say that the nodes you've create are massively good and useful for lots of productions.I am very motivated to learn all of them and get them into use in future. I've already fixed the problem.

What I did is that :

No matter that I don't have the shelf installed on the right place I've put the bundle on the right sport from there I've got the basic shelf with only 3 icons. I did click on the fist one and I notice all of the nodes are actually there. The next thing I did is going to the script editor and drag the command for a certain node into the shelf as MEL command and from there I found the icons and connected the icons.


For the Mac users struggling where to put the icons : /Users/THENAMEOFYOURCOMPUTER/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/2013-x64/prefs/icons

There is a  chance you are not seeing the Library folder so I will advice you to go to the Menu of Finder and on the "Go" bar there is "Go to Folder" command . There you type the up mentioned path and you will be straight into the folder.



Thanks Mr.Shipkov

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Need help installing SOuP

Where have you intall the icons,the shelf and the *.bundle ? I find it really hard to find the right folders for this  ?



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How exactly to install SoUP on OSX ?
I am getting really frustrated to find out how to install SoUP on MAC. There is no certain tutorial for MAC users! The thing is that lots of folders are on different place in Maya for MAC then Windows. Can someone please make a small tut where we have to put the icons and the shelf and the *.bundle because I lost round 3 hours and I still can't get it work. I can't find UpresFluid_node . Please guys let me know how to install it properly !

P.S. - I've already copied the frameworks in the folder where I should but in Maya I don't have all the nodes. In particular I miss exactly the node I need "upresFluid"
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