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Shatter & peak interior faces of solid shatter
Peter or anyone,

Could I get a hint regarding how to use existing vertex colors as weights for a peak deformer (or any other modifier for that matter)?  Still haven't managed this problem yet.

Less important is the issue with piping a group's components into another group's initial components attribute (for depth).  I am considering of a different approach for the original purpose I had for this, but it could still be very useful for me.
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Shatter & peak interior faces of solid shatter
Thanks Peter, I did overlook that "Strip Point Colors" flag on shatter.  So I was able to keep those interior vertices white post-shatter, but I would also like to include the vertices around the edges of the shattered faces.  I imagine inserting another group node using a depth of 1 would do the trick, but how do I input the initial components from the previous group (in which I used face area)?

Thanks again for the help!

Also, I'm having trouble figuring out how to use vertex colors as weights for the peak deformer.
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Shatter & peak interior faces of solid shatter

Okay, I partially figured it out - that is, shattering interior faces resulting from a solid shatter.  I figured out how to use a group to affect the vertex color of the interior faces (using face area), then applied a scatter with "Use Vertex Colors As Mask" enabled.  Shatters nicely.

I wanted to merge the verts on the second shatter to avoid any split geometry from it down the road. So I used an ever-so-slight distance value for the first shatter, then plugged in a polyMergeVert after the second shatter, using a smaller value than that ever-so-slight distance.  If there's a better way to merge those verts properly without resorting to a distance trick, I'd like to know it!

So I think that was the easy part.

Now how do I get a peak node to deform only my shattered interior faces?  The vertex colors from earlier in the network don't seem to stick through the shatter process, otherwise I could've used that probably.

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Shatter & peak interior faces of solid shatter
Hello from a SOuP newb,

I'm trying to figure out a way to make the solid shatter effect look more jagged and random, while of course maintaining the smooth shape of the original surface.  In theory, I thought perhaps it could be accomplished by adding a surface shatter only to the interior polygons (with zero distance), then apply a peak deformer to those interior polys.  The original object I'm working with is a fairly high-poly sphere, so I thought I could use the face area operation of a group to constrain the secondary scatter to the interior polys... but I can't figure out how to set that up.  And beyond that, how would I apply peak to just the secondary shattered polys?

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