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Curved Motion Blur Instances Using Copier in Arnold?

These are great tips guys, thanks for sharing.


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Curved Motion Blur Instances Using Copier in Arnold?
Are you using regular particles or nParticles?
Last I knew particle nCaches didn't support subframes very well. (which has been a while, I admit, but I think it would  be big news if they actually fixed this)
Maybe that's why the spinning is off if they aren't moving smoothly through sub frames.

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Multiple UV Sets with Alembic and Maya 2015
Thanks so much for the thoughts all.
These are some good ideas.
Bummer that it isn't supported in Maya 2015's version of Alemebic.
Hopefully they add this to the next version.

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Multiple UV Sets with Alembic and Maya 2015
I read back in the day that the version of Alembic that Maya 2015 shipped with (1.5.4) supports multiple UV sets. Unfortunately it looks like it hasn't been implemented in Maya's export scripts. Anyone have any success with this?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Per Vertex Attributes to Arnold

This is a good question! I have been wondering the same thing as well. Would be great to find out a bit more about per-vertex attribute workflows as Arnold eats that stuff up.

Hopefully someone has some tidbits to share.


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Remesh using bound/ scatter node

Are these 'rigged' characters?
If there were a skeleton with them you could use the Bmesh node.

Or perhaps you could play with generating a simple skeleton. All you would need are some positions and you could create the joints at those points. The connecting might be the trickiest part to get the appendages created correctly, but could be a fast and tweakable solution with a bit of upfront R&D.

Just getting the ball rolling.
Hope that helps>


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Thanks for the update on things.
Will definitely let you know about any projects we use it on.
We may have someone who can take a crack at the NEW_BGEO stuff...but not sure when.

Thanks again for the great tools.


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Hey all, I wanted to drop a line here to see how things are going with adding support for the new Houdini 12+ bgeo and geo files? We recently built Partio4Maya and I really have to hand it to you that there are some really solid tools in there. The instancer is especially cool!
It looks like there is a NEW_BGEO.cpp in the repo, but it doesn't seem to be complete and is not actually referenced anywhere I looked.
I am trying to get someone here to take a look at things. But wanted to drop a line to see if anyone has made headway with this. While the hclassic format works, I worry that someday soon they will remove it as an option for output...and it is just weird to have a file with an .hclassic extension...amiright?!?

Anyway, thanks again for making this great tool!

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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SOuP style Maya menu buttons
I see now that there is a popUpMenu command. I was using the default pop-up menu functionality in the shelf buttons, which doesn't give the option to choose a button...though we have evidence that I have missed stuff before.
So the suggested workflow would be to create a normal shelf click command that creates a new popUpMenu.  Man I love doing gui commands...blech!

Thanks for the tip.

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SOuP style Maya menu buttons

I was wondering if anyone knows how to create the nifty drop-down selection menus that SOuP uses with its shelf buttons. Using the pop-up menu options work by holding the right mouse button, which is far from ideal since there are also options there to edit and delete the shelf button.
In a perfect world I could get the same behavior that we see with the SOuP shelf, left click and hold on a shelf button to select what you want to do.
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much

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resize render script
You shouldn't need a script to do this.
Though having something to do the math for your is always helpful.
Here is a link with one way to do it. There are many ways to do it and my opinion would be that any method that tells you to move your camera should be avoided. This is just not an option.

Hopefully this helps.

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Arnold-Changing Point Count-Motion Blur: New Info!

Hat in hand I stand here realizing that the big issue was that I just didn't follow your directions properly.
I had a single chain...but the secret was the split...which you clearly stated.
Here is the correct network for anyone else who is interested:
With this connection the RGB color set can be renamed to velocityPV for Arnold to pick it up for motion blur.
One other note was that the attribute in prop[0] was written out of Houdini as a point attribute, not a vertex attribute.
When it is a vertex attribute from Houdini, it works for Alembic to create a color set automatically with the -rcs flag...but I could not get it to work with this setup. So there. 
I really appreciate your taking the time to look into this...obviously since it actually works just like you said, there is no need to add any more functionality to the arrayToPointColor node.
All is good and you rock!
Thank you Peter!!!

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Arnold-Changing Point Count-Motion Blur: New Info!

zip alembicChptMesh_14.abc.zip     

Here is a cache file that is sooo close to working.
I went back to the drawing board and made a good bit of progress. The only issue at this point is getting that final color set to be RGB and not RGBA.

The cache runs from frame 10-15 and there is one point attribute on prop[0].
This connects exactly as you laid out in your previous posts.  I am creating an RGB color set and naming it "velocityPV" then I apply color to that color set giving me the polyColorPerVertex node...which I assume is connected to the name and type of the color set.
The issue now is that when I connect the SOUP ArrayToPointColor node to the polyColorPerVertex it creates a new RGBA color set, with the correct values...but I lose the needed RGB type and name. The color set I created remains un-affected. 

Would it be crazy to add some more options to the arrayToPointColor node?
Color set name and type perhaps? I ask this having no idea of the work implications.
I just can't figure out a way to rename and convert a live color set from RGBA to RGB with minimal overhead.

You are a gentleman and a scholar Peter...thank you so much for your time!

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Arnold-Changing Point Count-Motion Blur: New Info!

Yeah, I have checked the caches on both sides. 

All of the vertex attributes show up correctly in Houdini.
On the Maya side, if I have cached the changing point count meshes out of Houdini after promoting the desired attributes to vertex attributes, I can connect the prop arrays but get the display error illustated in my earlier post. I also get a warning:arrayToPointColor1: inRgbaPP array length does not match the point count.
If I make the points unique in Houdin (1pt per vert instead of 1pt for 4 vert) then my SOUP connections connect without the warning, but with the same display error. Any tips on Houdini exporting?

As I mentioned before, the desired attributes are converted to color sets without error when imported with the -rcs flag...so I know they are there and intact as AbcImport is very finicky about those vert attributes. They are just the wrong kind of color set.
The cache I posted imports into Houdini with color data and into Maya as well. It just isn't playing nicely with SOUP.
Oh I am soo close. Really sorry to keep banging on about this. There is something simple that I am missing here.

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Arnold-Changing Point Count-Motion Blur: New Info!

Oh man, that sounded soo promising.
But something is not working on my end.

Even with the polyColorPerVertex node things the point colors still look broken up like the image I posted. I have tried different attributes with different caches and my results are the same. I am also not getting the velocityPV (RGB) color set updated. the arrayToPointColor node is still creating the colorSet1 RGBA color set.

Are you using the default Maya 2014 version of Alembic?
Is this maybe a version issue on my end?
So thankful for your time and patience.

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