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rgbaPP values getting clamped to 0-1 from Point node to mesh
Yup, there is a way to specify if color set is clamped or not.
The one I found was using the polyColorPerVertex node, which has clamp attr. I tried inserting that node in between the point node and the mesh and setting to unclamped, however the rgaPP values remained clamped.  I should add that this behavior only seems to happen with colors produced in MASH generate mesh (even if duplicated and history deleted on it).
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rgbaPP values getting clamped to 0-1 from Point node to mesh
Attaching example scene.  Note there are 2 display components nodes, one for the data coming from the Point node, and one for the mesh that's fed from the point node.
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rgbaPP values getting clamped to 0-1 from Point node to mesh

I have a point node where input geo colors (which are 0-1), are being pushed into a range from 0-10.  When I sample the values with a display component, they look correct; however, when I plug the point node into a mesh.inMesh connection, the values get clamped to a value of 1.

geo.worldMesh[0] --> pointNode.outGeometry --> newGeo.inMesh
rgbaPP(0-1)                       rgbaPP(0-10)                        rgbaPP(0-1)

Is the default color set being created by maya to hold the color data being clamped by default?  I don't recall having this behavior before.

I'm using maya2017 with version of SOuP released March 24, 2017.  The mesh was originally created with MASH in maya 2017 using the color modifier, but the color was further manipulated with SOuP.

Thanks in advance.


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Is Maya development in danger ?
As far cloth goes, Maya still has the upper hand over Houdini's, as much as I love the rest of that packages tools and workflows. Soup is indispensable in pushing data from maya to Houdini and vice verse. Peter, has Autodesk ever expressed interest in acquiring Soup?
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adding locators to vertexConstraint after creating it
I'm using the vertexConstraint node, however using the add locator button doesn't seem to work.  What's the workflow for using it after it's been generated.  Are you not able to add new vertex Id's after it's been created?
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Layout Manager issues
don't remove it!  maybe just put a little "beta" tag next to it ?
It's got great potential
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