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nParticle goal issues
Hey David,

Thanks for you response, your solution of setting the min value is helping in a similar issue I just started facing with disappearing particles.

Really wish we could get a better solution for particle goals (maybe something similar to emFlock </dream>).

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nParticle goal issues
Just as I published that I found a workaround...

It seems to work if I have another goalWeightPP for the particles... this makes sense because I've usually done this goaling from one object to another. I'm setting the goalWeightPP very low for that so it just reacts to forces in the world, then increasing the desired goalWeightPP.

Very strange behavior though, alternative workflows/suggestions welcome. Thanks!
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nParticle goal issues
I'm wondering if anyone else has come across this issue, I've been hitting a wall and I know I've done this before but it doesn't seem to work on maya 2015-17.

create a sphere.
create an nParticle emitter. (set to volume, cube)
Goal the nParticle1Shape to the sphere.
create a goalWeight0PP attribute.
Under runtime dynamics expression write: goalWeight0PP += .01;

For some reason it's killing a bunch of particles and stops emitting altogether. A few of the first particles emitted stay alive and their goal weight gradually increases as expected.

What is the issue here? I am trying to do this as a larger scene to gradually increase the goalWeight0PP after the particles reach a certain age, but was running into so many issues I reduced it to this and it doesn't seem to work. I've also tried it on 2 different machines.

I also tried setting the goalWeight0PP = 0, on creation, setting lifespanPP, and using legacy particles but those ideas had the same issue.

What exactly am I missing here? is goalWeightPP broken or is there a step I'm missing. Odd thing is I've done this before without a problem...

Thanks for any info.
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Emitting a single particle per point in cloud
Hello, I have what may end up being a simple question to answer, but cannot seem to find a way to do this:

I'm voxelizing an animated alembic mesh w/ voxelGrid -> pointsOnMesh -> copier.

I have the OutPositionPP, rgbaPP, and rotationPP going into a pointcloudemitter, then that is connected to an nParticle set, which has instances of cubes that are scale constrained to the reference cube for the voxels. The purpose of this is to voxelize the mesh, and have flexibility to affect the voxels with fields.

My questions are:

1) is there a way to emit a single particle from each point in the cloud, so that there are no overlapping particles/voxels? I basically want a 1:1 particle/instance representation of the voxel output. I figure I can do this with an expression, but have not come up with one that works.

2) how could I goal the particle to it's corresponding point in the cloud, so that it animates with the mesh?
This method I'm less certain about, since the number of voxels in frame A, may be different than in frame B. Presently I'm setting their lifespanPP to be very short during this section so they are dynamically drawn in. This is actually less critical than the previous question.

Thanks for any help anyone could provide. And to the developer(s), great job and thank you for a critical and necessary toolset, that really expands Mayas functionality.
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