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voronoi texture fracture

hey alex, sorry for the late reply - am kinda busy lately ...

not sure about how to do that w/ paintfx strokes, but here's another idea that might help you:

  • use Maya's 3D Paint Tool to paint different colors on your mesh (each color representing a different chunk)
  • save the texture to an image file
  • use the image file with Voronoi Texture Fracture (Fracture Source = image file)
  • use the following options:
    • Separate into Multiple Objects: ON
    • Remove Redundant Edges: OFF
    • Extrude Pieces: OFF
  • hit Fracture Geometry (the outcome will be a bunch of surface pieces, probably with kinda messed up normals)
  • select all the pieces, use 'Normals -> Set to Face' and then 'Normals -> Soften Edge'
  • extrude all pieces inwards

thought about implementing this kinda workflow into the tool, but i just can't seem to find any time for stuff like that lately :/ ... anyways, i did a quick test with just one color & here's what i got:

hope this is kinda what you were looking for ...
cheers! :)

ps: the result will be a triangulated mesh. but if you had a clean quad mesh before: a Quadrangulate on all meshes after the extrude will probably fix that quite ok ;) ...

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voronoi texture fracture

I don't know if i completely understood what you're trying to do, but it sounds like you want to create low poly tubes/snakes on a head or something then bring those into zbrush for detailing & back to maya to animate, right? 

If so, you could just use the curves as wire deformer after bringing the detailed tubes/snakes back into Maya. You could also create splineIKs along the curves and use those to deform/animate the snakes, which is probably better if you want to avoid any stretching. Both ways you wouldn't need any wrap deformers or blendshapes at all. But as i said, I'm not sure if i fully understood what you're trying to achieve ... 

Anyways, i'd recommend you start a new thread for this problem, since this one here is about voronoi fracturing. No offense - just suggesting this, so other people can find it and help you better ;) ...

Cheers! :)

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voronoi texture fracture

... and it reminded me that i initially planned some more SOuP UIs. not much time lately. got FFX & TP at work and trying to wrap my head around that stuff atm ;) ... 

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voronoi texture fracture

yes the texture or image based fracturing only works with flat objects. if you want to break volumetric objects you might want to have a look at the scatter and shatter workflow in SOuP ...

you can find some good tuts on that topic here:


and here:

i thought about integrating that as well, but i didnt have any spare time at all lately to expand the tools capabilities :/ ..

cheers! :)


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voronoi texture fracture

awesome! thanks a bunch for the fix!!
obviously i was on the wrong track assuming it had something to do with internalVar, sysfile or filetest commands. glad it works on OSX as well now! :)

i uploaded the fixed version to creativeCrash.

i also realized that the tool doesn't work (gui wise) under maya 2009, but didn't bother to fix that, since the new SOuP versions only support 2012 & 2013 too.

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voronoi texture fracture
sorry for the delay. i'm currently on vacation (touring scandinavia) ... i'll have a look at this as soon as i'm back home.
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voronoi texture fracture

Hey Yogi_Bear, sorry for the late reply!
From your screenshot i can see, that your on a mac. I suppose that could be part of the problem, since there are some differences in (MEL's) file handling between windows and unix systems. Unfortunately i dont have access to a mac so i can only do some guessing here:
It would be interesting to see what the MEL commands

internalVar -usd;
workspace -q -act;
return on a mac.

Also the sysFile commands I'm using to create the custom folders or subfolders in the user dir and sourceimages could be part of the problem. I wonder why the path on unix has to be specified without a drive letter. I'm also using filetest which I'm not quite sure about whether it's usage differs between win/unix.
Hopefully someone with scripting experience on a mac (or ideally on both, windows and unix systems) can spread some light here ...

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voronoi texture fracture

That's what I thought as well. Thanks for stepping in! :)

That's strange ... i can't reproduce the error here, no matter if i set a project or not, the fracture works just fine.
By default the temporary image created from the voronoi shader is stored in the user dir. If it doesnt work on your machine could mean that the user dir (internalVar -usd) is not returned correctly, which i havent seen before. If that's the case, you could try setting the image path manually in the tool's preferences (in "Settings.." menu) to a custom directory.

Concerning your other problem with using an image as fracture source: could you share the image you're using? I just tried it with this image and it took a while (longer than the voro shader) but worked just fine. (Had to rename it first though, because the image name must not contain any invalid characters or start with a number.)

Hope this helps! If you're still having trouble, just let me know and i'll see what i can do. Oh - and please turn on "Line numbers in errors" in the Script Editor's History. This could help nailing down an error sometimes.


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voronoi texture fracture

just source the script.
usage is described on the download page like this:

- create a poly plane & add it to the GUI
- click "Create Voronoi Shader" button OR choose an image as fracture source
- adjust other option as needed
- click "Fracture Geometry"

there really isn't not much more to it. all the check boxes do what their label says. just give it a try ;) ...

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voronoi texture fracture
another little update. fracture map resolution now adjustable in  preferences.
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Multi Curve Color Output To 3Delight
sweet! ... saw this for houdini years ago & always wished i could do this in maya! this is definitely gonna come in handy. - thanks a bunch for the recipe! (and peter for the ingredients) - cheers! :)

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voronoi texture fracture
just updated the script on creative crash. fixed the bug that occurred when no project was set. if "sourceimages" is not accessible a custom folder in the user dir will be used  now.
also added a settings menu so users can specify where they want the file-converted voronoi textures to be stored.
hope it works for everyone now. :)
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voronoi texture fracture
script is sent.

thanks for the feedback & sorry it didn't work for you at first attempt.
you might just have to set a project for the script to work because i currently query the active workspace to find the source images folder. if that's what's causing the problem i could change the location of the fracture images to some place in the user directory to avoid this error, when no (or default) project is set.
i attached a version with the changed directory. let me know if that works for you. cheers!
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cool blog full of soup recipes
delicious! cant't wait to start cooking! ;)
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voronoi texture fracture
just uploaded a new update, mainly because i ran into a problem using the "split mesh by object group" after TextureToGeometry conversion. somtimes pieces would just disapear.
i ended up writing a procedure, which splits the mesh by shaders (thanks to Jean Delaunay on this occasion for pointing out the issue and suggesting a possible workaround) - so the problem is solved.
however: any ideas why this (disappearing parts after split) was happening?
i'm just curious and was wondering what exactly the feature is doing or what's the difference to splitting by shaders?

next up might be an option to paint a fracture pattern directly onto the mesh (via 3D Paint Tool) and/or integrate the scatter and shatter workflow into the GUI. anyone interested in these features? just let me know & I'll add this stuff asap ... cheers! :)
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