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solver node examples
@plars @JeremyR, let us do it ourselves, am not that experienced with soup, but I have a chance with forum help.

I suggest we start with 3 scenes :

  • each will be responsible to create 1 scene.
  • each will be posted has its own post title: showcase # - title
  • deadline March, 1st 😉

regarding showcases ideas & inspirations, we can check impressive artwork such as :

Joey Camacho  - digital artwork:  https://www.behance.net/rawandrendered
Joni Niemelä - photography:  https://www.behance.net/JoniNiemela
ManvsMachine Studio - Animation:  https://vimeo.com/mvsm

sure we can add to this list together.

What do you think?
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solver node examples
Hello, I am not sure if those are impressive examples. SouP - as a product - requires awesome showcases.
I dont mean not to post examples (specially as Maya files), it's very important to access more example file.
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remesh node
Did a UV print on glass, with solid wood base .. looks good.

glass_wood_01.jpg  glass_wood_02.jpg 
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remesh node
Of course, would love that.
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A free light version of SoUP can be possible
Agree with Juanjo,
When soup was free, I was always recommending & encouraging my friends to explore it.
A limited options version will push people to discover it.

Because of Soup's nature (nodes), I believe it needs more advanced tutorials from the real production world.
something beyond node explanation. This will market Soup as a must-have solution for studios.


juanjo_bernabeu wrote:
Vote 100% to a free version of learning.

Watermarks in render, batch limitation, and as in other software, learning Soup version that is not usable with the complete one, through some type of blocking in the saved file, see Nuke or Houdini, but without limiting the quality or quantity of features or nodes.
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remesh node
hi, would like to thank Peter and the soup community.
Lately, I did a project, part of it was the beautiful remesh node.

it was designing an 8m x 2.5m wall, illustration representing a "population drivers network", like dependency nodes network.

the workflow was :
  1. 2d sketch
  2. 3d model
  3. remesh (awesome parameters to achieve the results)
  4. export obj to AE plexus
  5. export plexus to SVG
  6. finalize design on Illustrator.

I hope you find it interesting.

01.jpg  02.jpg  03.jpg  04.jpg  05.jpg 

snaps3.jpg  snapWall_01.JPG 
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example files

Totally understand the commitment needed.

i didnt try building a wiki or tiddlywiki , but it shouldn't be complected.

let us see how many talents want to be involve.

I am in :)

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example files
Hi Peter,

thanks for answering.

Let me explain whats am facing :
Soup has lots of nodes, enables lots of amazing combinations.

I think having : the node description + a demo movie + the scene file, all in one easy to reach place, this will shorten the learning curve.

somehow, this is available at http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/?title=Soup
(node+animGif+scene) but, its page layout is not the best because it is one vertical page.

On the other hand : http://www.soup-dev.com/examples2_1.htm
has beautiful description, but one cannt reach the targeted node directly(because its jsut page 1,2,3,4..) and the example file is not attached in same place.

I am not asking to change how we post questions with files, the Forum nature is dose whats expected. So people will still post questions, attache problem files..etc

The Suggestion :
I was thinking of the easiest way to handle nodes,demo mov & maya files,but still easy to manage.

Examples category > Node Name topics
(Could solve this + allow for admin to add more examples)

Posting could be restricted to admin if u prefer to control it,
but am with keeping it open, and we can have roles, like :
  • add .ma files only,
  • embed vimeo demo,
  • add a node editor snap image :)
  • posting a non-example post is not allowed (its not a place for feedback on examples)
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hi, downloaded the latest version (march 19), but cannt find 
mesh2arrays node.
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example files

Would like to suggest an example files management.

Aiming for :
  • easy way to download a single example file.
  • easy way to upload new nodes/ updates files.
  • easy way for all users to add extra small examples.

My suggestions :

Adding a category inside forum : Examples Category.
A topic for each node.

This will allow community to develop more examples & upload files/insert photos.
Friendly to embed a video for each scene.
Friendly to update scenes.
Easy to add new nodes examples.

What do you think?

All the best,

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point node
super, this will work.

Do u think for future we can have a way to avoid "getAttr" ?
a direct connection like $X = TX+ $NODE.myAttr

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point node
first, i cannt thank you enough for SOuP nodes.

i recently discovered the point Node, and need a small help :

I need a way to assign an object attribute to component.

for example, connect a locator position to all components without getAttr :

$X= $TX+ myLocator.someAttr 

getAttr will work, but evaluation require to play timeline, and its not a direct node connection :(


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locators to mesh
hi Peter and all,

Any idea how to convert a group of locators to mesh? i got some tracking locators.
It will speed the process to generate a mesh from this locators cloud.

Happy Holidays,
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Silouette deformer
looking forward to see a public version, even zbrush doesnt have a silhouette brush. 
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Donations so far - thanks!
Hello, am curious to know what is the donation efficiency in support, and if there is any goals and how far ?

Maybe sharing the goals encouragers users and firms to support.

Did Autodesk shows any interest to support soup development?

what about big studios, any support ?

All the best,
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