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Bifrost the color of the liquid mix

I think these videos should help:


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Bifrost the color of the liquid mix

i did it by setting different densities on the emitters, which does not really affect the look of the sim. So it is a nice hack.

Unfortunately this density data only gets fetched with the bifrostMaterial and hence you would need to use MR to render.

So what i did was to use openVDB to transfer the density data to the mesh as vertexColors.
There are videos in the YT-channel covering this workflow for the motionVectors....

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SOuP 2017-03-21

Ow I just skimmed through the video and i think the smart connect is like the best thing ever!

Thanks Peter (and David)!

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Houdini solver equivalent in Maya?

Sorta :)


Generally there might be workarounds, depending on what one needs.

Usually some slow MEL :(

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SOuP 2017-02-27

Quote: What is the problem you are seeing ?
Sorry should have been more specific.
setup.png movie file:

That does not look right, doesn't it?
Averaging points should put them in between the locators anyways , right?

It is Maya 2017.

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SOuP 2017-02-27

I think kdTree will be enough. You can use it to add inbetween points to the original point cloud. The new ones will inherit properties, of the original points.

Think krakatoa ...

You mean like the Repopulation Modifier?

I was thinking about doing it for a fluid sim so I probably need to set some more rules such as speed and direction in order to gives nice sheeting.

But it seems like the kdTree is not working properly for me. Sometimes I have to safe and reopen the scene, but does not alway fix it.
I think the issue is only with the outAveragePositionPP. The rest seems to work as expected.


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SOuP 2017-02-27
Looks great!
Was thinking whether there is a way to create something similar to a sheeter daemon in realflow.
Maybe pointCloudBuilder with the kdTree could be a start...
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transferAttribute performance

You made me google "balsamic crashes" :D

It does not even crash, but just wondering why Maya or Computers in general seem to exert that behavior at times.
Like when I select 100k faces it does not take 2 times as long as selecting 50k faces but say 10 times as long.

All while the the Computer seems idle.

Not that I could do anything about it anyways :D

Edit: There seems to be a way via BE_VDBAttributeFromVDB:

Will give it a try....

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transferAttribute performance


I wlll get me the latest soup :)

It just seems curious that the machine does seem idle when Maya gets slow at it, whereas it runs almost full CPU when it performs reasonably fast at lower point counts.

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woven meshes
looks great (cocoon?).
crashes maya 2017 here upon scene load though.
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transferAttribute performance

Here is a scene that serves just as an example.
So what I am doing here is to fetch the BifrostFoam Particles and convert it to a Mesh.
All via the aweseome openVDB.

I wanna have the mesh fade out like foam would do, so I transferAttribute the density from the bifrost over to the meshs vertexColors.
Now as soon as I get to particle counts of like 50k it starts to get very slow, without the CPU or RAM performance-spiking at all.
Is there anything that can be optimized with that setup?

I could also render the volume without meshing it but I am having other issues that which I will post in another thread.


on a side note:
anyone see where the start frame attribute for bifrost went in 2017 :D?

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openVDB in 2017 not showing


That's fun to work with

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point cloud thinning

Yes - it seems to work with pointCloutToMesh.

But as David say gotta get the velocity to transfer over...

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openVDB in 2017 not showing

i got this scene but maybe the problem is the closestPoint for which I would need a proper voxelSim?

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