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Replace Alembic?
What I do. Overwrite original abc file with your new one directly on harddrive and reload scene in Maya. (Sure, you have to backup your original abc.:)
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Is Maya development in danger ?
To be honest, i was forced to switch to Houdini half year ago, and not regret it. When I compare Maya to Houdini now, specially in FX field, I wonder how I could live without H so long. It is sad, but FX world needs more and more powerful effects and one should adapt to it. I assume Maya dev could catch Houdini in 2-3 years minimum. Question is, where H will be in that times.


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Any news for maya 2017?
I would say. Wait 1-2 years for polished Bifrost and meantime learn houdini.
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Autodesk MASH
Finally Peter, finally you also enter the train (I hope it's actually shinkansen)


...and who win the race first? Fabric or Bifrost?

btw: Peter, is the way, how to enter Maya beta in this moment? 

thanks, Tomas.
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Autodesk MASH
1. and why not Soup?

2. Mash can do something, what bifrost framework cant( in near future)? Or they will unify Mash technology with bifrost? Or we will have again some other new plugin, which will not comunicate with rest of Maya? I dont understand why Autodesk need buy this? 

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Fabric Engine new videos.

Join Beta, it is evolving very well. Canvas editor rulez!
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Procedural Content Creation
I feel, Bifrost will grow fast in next versions, 

maya 2017- liquid and smoke, maybe destruction, better user friendly graphs
maya 2018- full ICE clone integration.

i am more possitive, but its only my feeling.
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Maya2016 EXT1
Peter do you mean, you will continue on Soup, but based on Bifrost nodes? Is it possible?
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Maya2016 EXT1
Thank you Peter, this is why I refresh all relevant sites everyday to catch some new info about bifrost.

There are still some important things to do, have bifrost compatible with nucleus or other simulation frameworks like bullet etc. Other things still madden ICE users is node editor, where is very tricky and difficult create graphs from scratch, everytime you create some thinkgs with dropdown menus, you get very messy stuff in node editor. They should hide tons of unwanted nodes and give user possibility build graphs directly in node editor, like in ICE. Our company is partially XSI based and ICE is most missing module in Maya for them. ( for me too)

So I pray for future shape of bifrost like i would love.

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Autodesk Maya Feedback
some interesting video from Adrian:

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