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FRW (the Fastest Rig in the West) 2017-10-15
Recently i experimented and profiled different aspects of Maya's Parallel Evaluation mode in respect to DAG hierarchies and nodal networks consisting of simple utility nodes.
Unrelated to that, the realtime teams at work (dealing with AR, VR, Games and Game Engines) requested character rigs that work equally well for the needs of both VFX and Game Engines.
Somehow i ended up designing and developing a new rigging system, in my spare time, that i call FRW (the fastest rig in the west). :)

But there are so many rigging systems for Maya already.
Why bother with developing another one in the first place ?
What makes it any different ?

Short answer:
1. Vfx/Games production ready, yet clean and simple.
2. Very fast. For comparison - full featured FRW rig is on par or faster than HumanIK in its most basic form.
3. Simple and (because of that) scalable codebase. Basic MEL commands only - create/parent/rename nodes and create/set/connect attributes. No OOP, interdependencies, C++ API calls, external libraries, plug-ins.

Long answer:

Download: http://www.soup-dev.com/files/frw.tar.gz
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solver node UI bug
it is fixed on my side already. Will be in the next update.
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Arnold's own vdb node renders the BE's vdb cache
If i understand your question correct - yes, you should be able to directly render the OVDB cache.
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Align Nodes
Maya's node editor gives only high-level access that prevents me from going there and doing some of the more interesting things that we are looking for.
At this point we are talking about organizing nodes and adjusting their layout.
Also, providing context sensitive menus that can display info, etc.
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Align Nodes
I am pretty sure this feature is documented somewhere.
It have been around for few versions already.

Good info in this thread.
Ruchit, do you think i can "borrow" some of the ideas from your tool and implement them as a marking menu in SOuP ?
ZC has some good ideas too that i will pick stuff from.
There was another thread and example code for dealing with nodes.

I am at a point where i can give all these great ideas a real try.

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Missing Soup.MEL within Zip Folder
Check the smartConnect. It is so much better.
There is info on 5he examples page, also video tutorials on the soup youtube/vimeo channels.
You will like ita lot. Promise.
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pyExpression and batch rendering.
The latest version of SOuP has the arrayToDynArray nodes upgraded - you can extract individual channels from cache streams with them, then pipe that through whatever SOuP or other nodal networks you need to. That would solve so many problems for you here.
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pyExpression and batch rendering.
Something is troubling me with the way you are doing this.
I think it is asking for trouble. Probably that's why there is no animation in Maya2017

The better way (there are many, but that's the first thing that comes to mind - from simplicity stand point):

Create a linear curve and rebuild it with history - this will define the number of points you want to have in the system.
There so many ways to generate point cloud in SOuP, but again - simple things first.

rebuildCurveNode.outputCurve - >point.inGeometry
point.outGeometry -> curveShape.create

Enable the "position", "normal" and "weight" expressions.
Implement your logic there. Use "normal" as rotation and "weight" as uniform scale for the instancer.
From that point everything will evaluate properly for sure.

Another way to do that is to use the arrayExpression node. But i am not sure anymore if i have SOuP builds for 2014 with that node.

When it comes down to stuff like what you want to do MASH does pretty good job at simplifying the setup.
SOuP is a more generic and requires additional step or few.

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This solver node can not enter vdb data
Thanks Besha.
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This solver node can not enter vdb data
You can work around this i think (without veryfying it), but having a built-in support will be best.
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This solver node can not enter vdb data
Adding it to my to-do list.
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pyExpression and batch rendering.
Yes. There is no animation, so the single frame seems to be matching.
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Missing Soup.MEL within Zip Folder
The soup shelf have been deprecated in favor of more integrated SOuP/OVDB menus available in the main Maya menu bar and throgh the hotbox.

I just checked the included readme file in the SOuP archive and the installation instructions are up to date there.
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As far as i remember if you export mesh from Realflow the auxiliary channels are per vertex.
Check if something is wrong with your export settings.
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There is no problem with the arrayToPointColor node, but with the Alembic cache.
For some reason the prop[0] attribute is stuck at 10666 elements.
This is the initial size of the mesh, but once you get to the next step the mesh point count changes while the prop[0] array does not.
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