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SOuP IncstanceManager - not instancing correctly
Can you provide me that scene please ?
That will be the fastest way to help you.
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apply tension map output to colorPerVertex input
I don't have a lot of experience with Yeti.
The tension map node can generates vertex colors itself.
But I think you need to create a color set and dump the generated vertex colors there, correct ?
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Lego World - Tutorial
Looks pretty good Jeremy. One more step and we are in Minecraft.

If you ask me - i would add 1-2 more dynamic elements to the surface and make the clouds smaller, maybe break-them up a bit. Transparency won't break the look completely if we had to push them closer to the surface.
Maybe a Huston launch to orbit of a satellite as one of the dynamic elements, etc.

Looking forward to it already.
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ArrayExpression - Not evaluating every frame
Can you pass a scene plz.
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Where can I donwload mapToMesh node???
It is part of the SOuP plugins. Download the trial version of soup and it will be there.
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frameCacher node - question about resetting
Before I answer your question, I will ask one: Did you check the Interactive GPU caching system in SOuP ?
Just want to make sure you are not missing something that can be a much better solution compared to the frameCacher.

Now, back to your question:
A common solution for situations like this is a shelf button or something that sits on top of your assets, but is not part of the asset's dependency graph. So based on selection (any object in the scene), grab the namespaces, search for nodes of particular type within these namespaces and do something with them.
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Maya is crashing when running Bullet, time for an upgrade. Need advice.
Your GPU seems to be a bit old, but nothing that should lead to a crash.
If you can pass a specific scene so more of us can give it a try - we may be able to provide some feedback.
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Bullet menu not appearing after installation
Hi Jettam,

I think you created two different topics about the same problem.
Let's talk about it in this one only.

Never heard about such problem before and cannot think of any overlaps between SOuP/OVDB and Bullet.
Can you confirm if the Bullet plugin is loaded ?

I just checked on Maya2017 Linux and all looks good.
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shell node speed
The shell node is not exactly a performance beast.
Not much can be done about it, but will add a note to my to-do list.
In the meantime, if you can pass along a scene I can take a look at, may be able to suggest another - faster - approach.
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min edge angle in the group node
Spent a moment today and updated the group node with this feature.
Will be in the next SOuP release.
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TextureToArray - color balance
I think you can use remapColor inserted before the second textureToArray node.
This will be less efficient because you will need two textureToArray nodes, which are expensive, especially for dense meshes.
The better option is to use one textureToArray and create second path for the modulated color/alpha values for the second object.
The remapArray node's remap option linearly fits the original values into a new min/max range.
You should use arrayExpression or point nodes to do that.
There are many web apps that allow you to model non-linear functions. I often use this one: https://www.desmos.com/calculator/n21xiqgmxv
Modify existing, or type new formula, tweak the parameters, then recreate in code.
Here is an example I used just the other day in Unity.
Where solving y = f(x) for the function above looks like this: 0.1f * Mathf.Pow(2, 8 * x - 4.675f) - 0.004f);
You can do exactly the same in Maya.
The other option, more visual and artist friendly is to use ramp lookup.
You can create anim curve node with curve inside and sample it based on input color values, from inside point or arrayExpression nodes.
This will be a bit more expensive for computation than modeling your own non-linear function and plugging the equation right inside your expression.

I am adding to my to-do list a request for ramp based lookup function inside the remapNode.
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min edge angle in the group node
Will add it.
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SOuP 2017-10-28
glad you like it.
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SOuP 2017-10-28
There is much more powerful feature in SOuP called "smartConnect". There is a video in the examples page.
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SOuP 2017-10-28
The shelf have been deprecated in favor of menu attached to the main menu bar in Maya.
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