Hey Guys  I'm loving diving into this  stuff.  I have a quick question..  Is Peter keeping a  proper version number for releases?  I think on his website he has  the version  on the link  to the new website here,   Its getting a little  confusing, keeping track of when a new vesion is released, because the file name of the  release is always the same.

Maybe now that we have this awesome forum!   we could have  a  "release" sticky thread  or something  that helps document changes in each version,  along with  the download page stuff. 

just sayin 

thanks guys  keep it up!


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Hi John,
Yep the link on this site is to the same file on his site and CG soc so there will always only be the latest version available. As for versions Ill let Peter answer that one.
Good idea about the sticky, although it might just be a matter of putting something up on the downloads page, we will see.
thanks for your comments.

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Actually early today i redirected the link on my web site to point to

But i have to tighten up a bit the version indexing.
I will start including the date in the archive file name.

Also, few people suggested pretty much the same like you - simple log for each build to list what's new/updated/etc.
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