Hi everyone,

I know there's a bunch of ways to voxelize meshes within SOuP but here I just wanted to show you another way to do it using OpenVDB plugin from Evgeny Grebennikov.

Inside Houdini when I want to voxelize an object I first convert it to VDB (vdbFromPolygons) and then I add a VolumeWrangle node and I type those 2 lines to create points :


after that I use a copySOP with a cube or anything else.

Here, in order to create those points, I used the BE_VDB_GetData. From the VDB generated volume (surface, density....) it retrieves the points positions for me and I just need to pass the points/pos array to the Copier node. I also included a way to retrieve the color from original mesh (using SOuP nodes this time). Little thing weird when I reopen the scene I must select, at least one time, the final mesh in order to see the colors.

I also created an empty group and added some controls for users. Play with the controls (bevel Amount and Bevel Segments to quickly change the instanced shape)
ie - Bevel Amount to 1.0 and Bevel Segments to 1 give you a tetrahedra
ie - Bevel Amount to 1.0 and Bevel Segments to 2 or more give you a sphere...

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Good one !
Thanks for the information.
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I like it.
Another one goes to the examples archive. :)
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