Bruce Lee

Hello, everyone!
I used realflow derived abc file with speed, swirl, map and other information. Maya import abc, I extract them with soup nodes. But the error is suggested.
Warning: arrayToPointColor1: inRgbaPP array length does not match the point count. //

I do not know what to do now, I tried various methods. Did not extract the realflow of abc information, rendering.

I ask, do you have a better way to extract realflow abc inside the information, and render them?
Thank you!


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Why are you using pointColor for when you have exported any color data?
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Bruce Lee

Hello, I am in realflow derived abc, hope can be inside maya rendering speed layer, vortex layer and curve layer and so on. But the abc above the speed information is not the top of the vertex, I am surprised how these data to use. I can not use them in maya.

thank you!

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