Powerful new node that allows you to iterate on any kind of data and accumulate the results over multiple evaluation steps of the dependency graph.

Resample mesh geometry by introducing new vertices in order to keep the distance between them as consistent as possible.

If points where spheres with given radius, the node will reposition them in order to reduce overlaps.

35%++ faster now.

Can operate on point clouds directly = much-much faster in these cases.

Scenes archive updated accordingly.

Couple of solver node examples:





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The new solver node looks amazing!  Can't wait to dig into it.
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AMAZING! cant wait to give it a try
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Bruce Lee

Really good! The

This version of the new out of the two nodes, resample and resolvePointCollisions I do not understand how they work. Can you tell us in detail? Or, each node makes a separate case file. I want to know how they work.

thank peter !!

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Create a poly cube. Select it. Then click "resample"  from the first shelf button.
Display the mesh vertices. Adjust the resample distance parameter. The edges will get "subdividied" in order to keep the space between points acording to the defined value.

Create polyPlane. Select it. Click "resolvePointCollisions" from the first shelf button.
Points will be moved around to minimize overlap.

The two nodes operate independently, but when connected to the same data set they can grow the geometry.
To make this happen set the resample distance to specific value that introduces enough new points.
Then set the resolvePointCollision radius to a value that is slightly bigger than the resample.distance one.
This way the points will get pushed out and the edges will get longer. During the next step these longer edges will be resampled again and new points will be introduced.
The new points will get pushed out ... and so on.
In a way this is an occupational spaces algorithm.
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Hey Peter, 
There is a demo version that someone can try before buying?
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Of course.
There is a 15 day fully functional trial.
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The solver node is really great! So many interesting possibilities!
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