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Bruce Lee

I think you are involved in Maya's closed beta.
Maya future development of the route will not have some impact on the soup?
Maya later if you join ice2.0, it is for soup, it is beneficial or harmful?
Now Maya18 will be released, I do not want it to replace the status of soup.

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SOuP extends the capabilities of the host application, but does not compete with it.
Think of Bifrost as a new playground where we can do even more awesome things.
So don't worry about the future of SOuP. :)
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Im in the same problem that @juanjo_bernabeu  because Im freelance (tv spots),  not all month have projects and when I have project its to late for begin to learn a new tool. maybe a special price for freelance :)
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Peter Im still confused as how the license works.
If is subscription base means that lets say that I get the license for 3 months and Soup V3 is out (made up version) then after those 3 month my subscription expired and Soup V4 came out. I know that I wont be able to upgrade the V4 until I renew my subscription right? But will the V3 version before my subscription expired still work or not? 

Does this make sense?
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Buying a license for n-number of months will work on all SOuP/OVDB versions.

What price you would put on such version ? Is this going to be a fully functional one ?
I was debating for long time what the price should be and felt that if someone has the need and/or interest in the product - then $45 a month seems fair. That is considering the NA/Europe regions (which i have experience in).
I am open for suggestions.

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Im in mexico, $45 usd  its too much maybe in this geographical location .

I think a fair price is  beetween 99 to 149 usd permanent and  60 usd updates or 10 to 20 monthly,  something similar to allegorithmic Substance , the have a Indie license for 20$ month for their 3 softwares , or  permanent for 149, another example is sidefx Houdini has a indie price for  199 USD annual rental (indie revenue less than 100k, for large studios its $2,995, a real difference for indie), quixel  has a commercial price of 329 usd  with discount and 79 usd for Indie, Hobby & Freelance

Sorry for my bad english, muchas gracias!
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I'm agree with kimera3d.

For me, in Spain, the price is expensive.

I'm in the side of the permanent license with anual upgrades or big versions and payments for that, but rental... I can't afford. I have two babies and it's to much for me... maybe an discount for fathers..xddd.


3D Supervisor
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A permanent license is a better choise for me. i use maya in my free time and make no moneys with it.
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I'm on perpetual + main upgrade too.
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I hear you guys. Thanks for the feedback. It is well received here.
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We adjusted the pricing accoring to your (and in private) feedback.
Changing the licensing to a perpetual+upgrades won't be an optoin.

The new pricing:

1 month - $20
2 months - $30 ($10 off)
3 months - $40 ($20 off)
6 months - $80 ($40 off)
12 months - $110 ($130 off)

3 months - $150
6 months - $300
12 months - $500 ($100 off)
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$110  for 12 month sounds good to me... Thanks...
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Bruce Lee

Hi, peter!
Soup and vdp now the price is very good, I was not going to buy vdb. But now I changed my mind. I will also purchase vdb, soup and vdb prices within my range of tolerance.

I have a hard-to-speak idea. A few days ago I used more than two hundred dollars to buy half a year of soup, I know it is the price. Can I ask you for a license at the current price? If you can not, I do not have any advice. Thanks :)

If you can, I hope that you can get a year of soup and vdb license. Of course, the price in my endurance, I will always subscribe to soup and vdb. As long as you do not give up soup and vdb, I will always support your work.

Thank you. 

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Hi ZC,

i actually sent you email the other about that - offering you different options.
Don't you see it in your inbox ? Or maybe i have the wrong address ?
Send me email and we will take it from there.

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Bruce Lee

Sorry, I just checked my email. Yesterday received the information, I did not get a hint.

Thank you, I hope to get a year of souo and vdb license.

Thanks again for peter!

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